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28 February 2017

Matterport Positioning Service from Cube Cities

Cube Cities has developed an innovative process of geolocating Matterport-captured space within a building. Using our coordinate-based drawing system, we can highlight exactly where a Matterport space is located in a property. The result is improved spatial awareness of where space is located on a floor or multiple floors, how the space is oriented and its relation to neighbouring properties. 

Additionally, the service allows a Matterport user's collection of VR spaces to be visualized across a skyline.

Cube Cities provides this process as a low cost service to make it easy for Matterport users to showcase their spaces in any property in the world using our floor-level 3D building technology. Contact us for pricing.

Up close with a Matterport space in 3D

Matterport space on the 16th floor of 225 West Washington in Chicago's West Loop 

Looking down on a Matterport space

225 West Washington's location in the Chicago Loop

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