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8 December 2014

Cube Cities granted U.S. Patent for Real Estate Information Technology

On December 4th of this year the United States Patent Office granted Cube Cities patent protection for it's real estate data visualization technology. With a priority date of November 2010, this patent describes a system and method for converting traditional formats of commercial and residential real estate data into geospatial objects that can be used to visualize many types of building information in 3D.

Cube Cities now holds patents in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Singapore.

Cube Cities visualization of Lower Manhattan real estate data

1 December 2014

Altus InSite Launches 3D Commercial Real Estate Search using Cube Cities Technology

Altus InSite, Canada's largest commercial real estate information provider has relaunched it's website featuring 3D search capabilities from Cube Cities. Users can now see the Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal office markets with new 3D floor-level visualizations from Cube Cities.

The new Cube Cities search functionality allows users to save 3D search results as well as refine markets by district and filter by Building Class and Direct or Sublet lease types.

Here's a look at the new AltusInSite website:

The new AltusInSite Homepage, Cube Cities search panel highlighted in red.

Vancouver's Office Market

Calgary's Office Market
Toronto's Office Market