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29 October 2012

Portfolio Flights: U.S. Equities Realty

Once all the available space from a commercial property portfolio has been added to Cube Cities, it's easy to create a Flight. Showcase each building in the portfolio, showing off exactly where available space is located on each floor. Below is an example of a group of buildings in Chicago, including the Willis Tower, that are owned and operated by U.S. Equities Realty.

HD Video Link: U.S. Equities Realty: Six Chicago Buildings

24 October 2012

Add CRE Listings To Google Earth with the Cube Cities Excel Template

Download our new Microsoft Excel template and return it by email to have large numbers of listings automatically added to your user account on Cube Cities. This is the best way to add large numbers of listings very quickly.

Required fields necessary to automatically load listings:
-Building Name and Address
-Suite Name
-Listing Security (Public/Private)
-Floor Number
-Floor Type (Full or Partial)
-Square Feet
-Suite Usage (Office or Retail)
-Lease Type (Headlease or Sublease)
-Possession Date

After listings are loaded, users can set the correct camera position for each listing as well as set the correct location of the available space on the building floor. Users can also include a URL link to a PDF brochure.

Please include floorplan image files with the Excel file and have those also added automatically. Once loaded, listings will be available for inclusion in a Flight and other Cube Cities space marketing products.