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30 May 2015

Our New Cesium-based API

Cube Cities now offers an API that can visualize any 3D building along with floor-level data using a simple to use URL. We're using Cesium to deliver this solution so it works with any modern web browser as well as iOS and Android tablets.

The Empire State Building in the Cube Cities API with selected floors highlighted
Our API allows users to easily highlight any floors using their own property data sources using parameters in the URL. This means that the API can be used to add a real-time 3D visualization of property data inside of a customers existing application without any need to share property data with Cube Cities.

Background buildings enabled in the Penn Station submarket
Functionality to display background buildings, show a floor plan, change the base map, adjust the camera position or use high quality phototextured 3D building models is also possible. Contact us for a demonstration.