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27 February 2014

Finding Green Buildings in Canada

The Cube Lease website now shows users energy efficiency designations for buildings in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto using our patented visualization technology. Here's a look at this imagery now available only on the Cube Lease website:

Green Buildings in Vancouver
Green Buildings in Calgary

Green Buildings in Toronto

Here's a video that shows how to select the green building data and navigate around the selected city:

Visit Cube Lease to explore the green buildings in these cities. Free signup is required to see green building data.

25 February 2014

Cube Cities @ SAIT

Cube Cities is an industry representative for curriculum review at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). This morning SAIT hosted a market research panel to engage industry with program instructors and SAIT curriculum managers. Courses reviewed today were: Web Developer and Object Oriented Software Developer.

It was very interesting to listen to the challenges facing educators in keeping the curriculum relevant in today's changing marketplace. A good number of very frank questions were asked. Also an interesting opportunity to meet SAIT administration and listen to the questions posed to and from industry on the state of business software technology. Outstanding community built around SAIT. In fact, SAIT was the first post-secondary institute to involve industry in curriculum review when it began the program in March 2011.

Here are links to the Web Developer and OOSD courses at SAIT.

Cube Cities Inc. hires graduates from SAIT programs.

23 February 2014

Visualizing Google Search Results

Cube Cities can ask Google where all the law firms in Lower Manhattan are located and return a 3D visual search result. What's seen is an example of every law firm and the floors they occupy.

Google Search Results for "law firms" in Cube Cities
Cube Cities can look up a building name or address on Google and display a 3D visualization of every floor in the subject building. Here is an example of the Bankers Hall office complex in Calgary, Canada.

Google Search Results for "Bankers Hall" in Cube Cities
Anyone can request access to our Google Search visualizations by signing up on this website or emailing us here.

7 February 2014

Go Inside Office & Retail Space On Cube Lease With Google Business Photos

Cube Lease now accepts Google Business Photos as a media source when new space is added. This gives users the ability to go inside and explore office and retail spaces. With our visualization platform, Cube Lease highlights the exact location of the space being explored.

Here's a link to some example space on Cube Lease:

Interior space photos can be made private on the Cube Lease website and are stored securely by Google.

For a quote call Cube Lease at 1-800-261-1973. We will arrange commercial space photography through Google's Business Photos program. It's the fastest and most economical method of accurately marketing commercial space.

Learn more about Google Business Photos here.

Go inside office space downtown Los Angeles
Example Experience

5 February 2014

Cube Cities Granted Patent in Canada for Visualization Technology

Cube Cities has been issued a patent in Canada for our innovative software technology. Our visualization system for buildings is also patent-pending in the United States, Europe and other countries. 

The Cube Cities patent details our highly efficient method of illustrating building information within a GIS system to better understand industry data.

Downtown Toronto Visualized by Floor