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29 June 2013

San Francisco Growth Animation (1877-2015)

Market Street Corridor and Union Square - 1930
Here's a view of the historic development near San Francisco's Market Street and Union Square districts over the past 138 years. Buildings that remain today appear as the time-lapse plays. This visualization also shows white wireframes that represent the urban density that is eventually built on the surrounding properties.

28 June 2013

Calgary Growth Animation (1892-2016)

This video shows Calgary's skyline being gradually built over an extended time span from 1892 onwards. Only buildings that currently exist are shown. The color styling can represent any building or market variable from the Cube Cities database.

Another way to learn about a cities development pattern is to use a series of time-lapsed visualizations, highlighting existing buildings, built by year indicated. This provides a better idea of the age of a cities current building inventory. The graphics below tell the story of the construction boom in Calgary from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s. Its easy to recognize that the vast majority of all buildings downtown Calgary were built after 1970.

Green indicates buildings built by the year indicated.

Cube Cities produces these visualizations for any major city in North America. Contact us to see visualizations of other markets.

27 June 2013

Chicago Growth Animation (1862-2014)

Here's a visualization of the existing building inventory downtown Chicago with an animation showing each building appear by the year of construction. This is an effective technique for understanding the progression of city development.

Fullscreen, high resolution link

Chicago Skyline - 1933
Chicago Skyline - 1966
Cube Cities can produce these visualizations for any major city in North America. Contact us to see other markets.

20 June 2013

The Story of MPG Office Trust's Los Angeles Buildings

U.S. Bank Tower, Downtown Los Angeles
Vacancy in MPG Office Trust buildings Downtown Los Angeles 
MPG Office Trust has gradually shed its holdings downtown Los Angeles over the past two years, including the sale of the U.S. Bank Tower to Singapore-based Overseas Union Enterprise for $368 million, a deal that closed on June 18th of this year. Other buildings have been surrendered to creditors or sold to companies such as Brookfield Office Properties (BPO: NYSE, TSX) who recently announced a cash offer to purchase all outstanding shares of preferred stock of MPG Office, Inc. (MPG: NYSE). Previously, BPO announced its intention to acquire MPG on April 25th, 2013, a deal valued at more than $2 billion. The video below shows a data visualization of the currently available space in these trophy Los Angeles office properties.

Visit to examine all available office space in these buildings, including floor plans and specific leasing details. Data source: