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2 July 2013

Toronto Growth Animation (1834-2013)

We can understand the large volume of commercial property that was built in Toronto during the 1970s with this time-lapse visualization of Toronto's financial core. Beginning in 1834, this visual, like our previous time-lapse animations, shows existing commercial and residential buildings appear by year built. Real estate professionals often use stories of past economic expansion and contraction when explaining office markets, with market visualizations from Cube Cities those stories become illustrated and the true economic realities of the past become evident and understood.

Below is a sequence of visuals that shows existing buildings downtown Toronto built by the year indicated. The vast expansion of space downtown from the 1960s to 1980 is apparent.

Click any image to expand.
Contact us to see different styles of time-lapse urban visualizations, they help people understand change in commercial and residential real estate markets.

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