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1 August 2014

Cube Cities: One of Alberta’s 25 Most Innovative Organizations

From Alberta Venture Magazine:

Cube Cities

Aug 1, 2014

by Alberta Venture Staff

Senior executive: Greg Angevine
Founded: 2010
Headquartered: Calgary
There is lots of free data available on the Internet about real estate for rent – which buildings, how many square feet, cost. But the information has also been, well, flat. Cube Cities is changing that. Over the past four years, Cube Cities has developed software that takes real estate data and creates three-dimensional animations. Now, landlords can drag their Excel sheets full of building information, space availability and tenant listings directly into Google Earth. As a renter, you can watch interactive videos showing you what floors in a building are available, with colour coding to delineate different prices and other search criteria.
But as CEO Greg Angevine says, the software can do much more than that. “What we’ve built is a floor-level visualization,” he says. “Commercial real estate is the obvious application, but we’re also talking about developing a visualization system for first responders in the U.S. and we’re talking to the development authority in Singapore about basically building a city dashboard.”