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9 November 2015

Altus InSite Launches Cesium-based, 3D Search for Office Space

The updated website with the Cube Cities 3D Search Portal
We've launched a new search portal on the AltusInSite homepage that uses the latest Cesium 3D mapping software. This new portal replaces our previous Google Earth-based 3D map that had been running on the AltusInSite homepage for the last year. Because we've migrated to Cesium from Google Earth, the new portal is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. 

Additionally, our 3D office market coverage has been expanded to include Ottawa, which joins VancouverCalgaryToronto and Montréal in our 3D search results.

Visit the AltusInSite homepage to begin exploring our 3D office markets with Cesium or click any of the direct city links below.

Downtown Toronto Office Market

Direct Links to Live Office Market Data in 3D

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