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12 February 2015

Visualizing Available Office Space in The Durst Organization's Midtown Portfolio

The Durst Organization's buildings near Bryant Park. 
Dark green = full floors, light green = partial floors
Here's a look at new Cube Cities imagery of the available office space in The Durst Organization's New York portfolio. Taken from our new Cesium-based mapping application, this visual shows every floor in each building and lights up the available space in each property. Cube Cities can quickly produce interactive visualizations for any landlord or property owner in New York.

Distribution of the Durst Organizations' midtown portfolio
The buildings in this visualization, clustered on the left include:
4 Times Square
One Bryant Park
1133 Avenue of the Americas
1155 Avenue of the Americas
114 West 47th Street

The cluster on the right are:
655 Third Avenue
205 East 42nd Street 
675 Third Avenue
733 Third Avenue
825 Third Avenue

Buildings visualized with surrounding midtown buildings

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