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28 October 2013

Video Tour of Future Apple Headquarters

Apple Campus 2 from above in Cupertino, CA
Apple received planning approval from the City of Cupertino on October 15th to proceed with the Apple Campus 2 project. The Development Permit allows for the demolition of approximately 2.7 m sqft of existing commercial buildings. It allows for the construction of 3.42 m sqft of office, research, and development buildings; 120,000 sqft (1,000 seat) corporate auditorium, 100,000 sqft corporate fitness center, 25,000 sqft of Valet Parking Reception and 92,000 sqft of utility plants; and associated parking facilities and ancillary buildings.

Here's a visualization of the Development Permit and the buildings that will be removed to make way for the new headquarters.

Fullscreen, high resolution link

Apple Campus 2, NE Entrance near East Homestead Road, Cupertino, CA

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