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13 March 2013

"Building Meters" for Google's New 3D City Imagery

Google Earth's new 3D imagery now seen on iPad or Android tablets for cities like Boston, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco has been indexed by Cube Cities for real estate mapping. Because our database knows the floor height of every building we can quickly stack up a row of icons beside every building to function as building interface controls. We'll call these Building Meters. Here's how they look:

Google Earth 7 on OSX - San Francisco's Financial District

San Francisco's Market Street

Google Earth on iPad - Downtown Seattle
These "building meters" are handy new control elements that work well on desktop or mobile versions of Google Earth and instantly add floor-level interactivity to Google's new auto-generated city models. These new city models give a sense of completeness and communicate the urban landscape more effectively than Google's older 3D Building Layer that was part of Google's 3D Warehouse. Every few months Google is rolling out this new 3D imagery for cities around the world. Combined with the Cube Cities platform, the resulting product is a superior way to illustrate building operating costs, rental rates, occupancy data and more. Here's a video showing building meters:

Fullscreen, high resolution

The video above also shows company logos of real estate firms advertising available office space listings at the exact locations indicated by the icons. That's another one of our tricks that makes an iPad or Android tablet a great new way to find office space and pull up floorplans. Contact us to learn more about office market or building data on mobile devices in 3D.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This is a really neat idea and something that I would love to see expanded out to Chicago. Being a property manager in Chicago, I would love to do something like this for my units.