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22 December 2012

Information Transfer: Cube Formed Manhattan

The Cube Cities platform greatly increases the information transmission of the standard 3D buildings in Google Earth. But with Cube Cities we can go further by replacing those photo-textured 3D buildings with our own building models which we call Cube Forms. Below are two views of Midtown Manhattan's Bryant Park taken from exactly the same angle, the first showing Cube Cities data overtop of Google's 3D buildings and the second with those 3D buildings removed. It's like taking an X-ray of the skyline and revealing every buildings' floor area and structural core. At a glance, our capacity to communicate building information is increased with Cube Forms, but we must be careful not to become too amorphic. See the video below to experience an acoustic flight through a Cube Formed Manhattan.
Google Earth 3D buildings + Cube Cities data
Using Cube Cities data only, a city of Cube Forms
The video below shows a flight through a Manhattan made up entirely of Cube Forms, containing multicoloured windows that reflect light as the sun crawls accross the horizon. Turn up the volume.

Fullscreen link here.

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